Requirements of the digital kit for SMEs and freelancers

  • Being a small business, micro-business or self-employed person in accordance with the definitions in Annex I of the Regulation(UE) n.º 651/2014.
  • Not be considered a company in crisis in accordance with the provisions of article 2.18 of the aforementioned regulation.
  • Be up-to-date with payments of tax obligations and with Social Security.
  • Not be involved in any other of the prohibitions provided for in the General Law of Subsidies.
  • Be registered in the Census of businessmen, professionals and withholders of the State Tax Administration Agency or in the equivalent census of the Foral Tax Administration.
  • Not be subject to a pending recovery order following a prior decision by the European Commission.
  • If you have any questions, you can consult the Acelera Pyme page to consult all the requirements.

Benefited Segments

Segment I.

  • Small companies with between 10 and less than 50 employees.
  • They will be able to access a €12,000 bonus.

Segment II.

  • Small companies or Micro-companies with between 3 and less than 10 employees.
  • They will be able to access a €6,000 bonus.

Segment III.

  • Small companies or Micro-companies with between 1 and less than 3 employees and people in a situation of self-employment.
  • They will be able to access a €2,000 bonus.

How to take advantage of Digital Kit Subsidies?

Thanks to the Digital Kit aid program financed by the European Union, authorized technology companies can help in the digitization of SMEs and the self-employed.

Supportfactory is a Digitizing Agent and our professional solutions are authorized within the Digital Kit aid program for the processing of your aid.


Digital commerce

Create your web page for the sale of products and/or services that uses digital means for their exchange. In addition to giving visibility to your brand, you will have an e-commerce or online store.

Features and services

  • Creation of the online store or E-Commerce and registration of the product catalog: You will have a catalog at your disposal in your online store, in which your products will be available, by registering, importing or uploading them. The solution includes the upload of at least 100 references of your products, unless you do not have this number, in which case it may be less.
  • Payment methods: the Digitizing Agent that you have selected will configure and integrate the payment methods in your online store.
  • Responsive Design: your E-Commerce can be used on all types of devices.
  • Accessibility: the design of your online store will meet the level AA conformance criteria of the WCAG-2.1 Guidelines.
  • Basic positioning on the internet: your online store will be indexable by the main search engines (On-Page).
  • Self-manageable: you will also have a content management platform so that you can modify the contents of your website without the need for assistance.
  • Shipping methods: You will have configured and integrated the digital and physical shipping methods for the products in your online store.

Advanced Internet Presence

Provision of functionalities and/or services that ensure your SEO on the internet, increasing your scope of potential clients and increasing the traffic of visits to your platform(s).

Features and services

  • Basic positioning on the Internet: the solution must position the basic information of the business, contact and profile of your company in the main sites, business networks or directories of companies and professionals.
  • Keyword Analysis: Keyword management, research, and analysis to develop useful strategies for search engines to rate the content and help users find relevant results for their inquiries.
  • Competitor analysis: the solution includes a monthly analysis of the competition to inform you of your situation compared to other competitors.
  • On-Page SEO: the solution must offer a minimum service of two SEO On-Page pages or sections, optimizing the structure and internal content to improve the natural position of your SME in search engines, as well as indexing and ranking of the content.
  • SEO Off-Page: the solution must provide this service, which will entail the execution of actions outside the environment of the website to improve your organic positioning.
  • Monthly monitoring reports: you will also have a content management platform so that you can modify the contents of your website without the need for help.


Provide basic and advanced security for your employees devices.

Features and services

  • Antimalware: you will have at your disposal a tool that scans your device, its internal memory and external storage devices.
  • Antispyware: you will have a tool that detects and prevents spy malware.
  • Secure Mail: will have email analysis tools with the following characteristics:
    • Antispam, with spam detection and filtering.
    • Antiphishing, with detection of emails with links or malware suspected of stealing credentials.
  • Secure browsing: you will be assured:
    • Content control.
    • Antiadware to prevent malicious ads.
  • Threat detection and analysis: you will be able to understand the behavior of known and new threats.
  • Network monitoring: you will have tools that analyze the network traffic and alert you to threats.
  • Initial configuration and security updates: you will have an initial configuration for its correct use, with the respective malware signature updates and other data for threat detection in addition to required regular security software updates.
  • Special training requirements: you will have training in configuring your security software, and you will have a cybersecurity awareness kit training to complement the solution with human firewall skills.

Website and Basic Internet Presence

Offer a web page to give visibility on internet.

Features and services

  • Domain: If you do not yet have a domain for your website, you will be given one for a minimum period of twelve months. Ownership of the domain will be yours entirely.
  • Hosting: You will also have at your disposal the hosting of the website for a minimum period of twelve months.
  • Design of the web page: as part of the service you will have the structure of the web, with a minimum of 3 sections. Pages or sections of a website are considered to be elements such as the home page (Landing Page), company presentation, contact form, product description, contact information, site map, etc.
  • Responsive web: your website will adapt perfectly to any type of device.
  • Accessibility: your website design will meet the level AA conformance criteria of the WCAG-2.1 Guidelines.
  • Basic positioning on the internet: the information of your SME will be indexable by the main search engines (On-Page).
  • Self-manageable: You will also have a content management platform so that you can modify the contents of your website without needing help.
  • Optimization of search engine presence (basic SEO): Keyword analysis, SEO On-Page of 2 pages or sections, indexing and ranking of content.
  • Multilanguage: you will be given the option of having your website prepared for multilanguage and translated into a language.

Process management

Digitize and/or automate your business processes, related to operational or productive aspects.

Features and services

  • Digitalization and/or automation of processes and workflows: you will have digitized and/or automated processes such as:
    • Accounting/finance: accounts receivable/payable, asset management and generation of closings and balances, etc.
    • Invoicing: process automation of invoicing with the generation of budgets, delivery notes and invoices, adapted to the requirements of article 29.2.j) of Law 58/2003, of December 17, General Tax Law, and its implementing regulations.
    • Projects: control of budgets, costs, estimates, optimization of resources, etc.
    • Inventory: forecast, stock levels, shipments, distributions, returns and cancellations, etc.
    • Purchases and payments: order management of purchasing and suppliers.
    • Human resources: human resources management, payroll, etc.
    • Logistics: fleet management and routes, among others.

    A horizontal solution is the one that groups or supports several processes in the value chain, while a vertical solution is one that supports a single process within the value chain of your SME.

  • Integration with various platforms: the solution will have APIs or Web Services for its integration with other tools.
  • Updatable: you will access updates to the solution with new versions.
  • Scalable: if your company grows or changes structurally, the solution will adapt to these changes.
  • Compliance: You will be able to ensure compliance with the applicable regulations, specifically the Regulation that regulates the billing obligations of Royal Decree 1619/2012, as well as any applicable regulations.
  • Individual modules: New individual modules may be incorporated, these being those that group or support a single thread of the value chain of your SME, on top of an existing process management solution. However, it may not consist of a development, progress, increase or enrichment of the services and functionalities of the existing solution. Nor can it be an update due to releases that the provider publishes on a software version, or upgrades or improvements to existing versions. The new individual module that is implemented must meet all the requirements established in the bases of this category and must be offered at market price.

Electronic bill

With this solution you can digitize the flow of issuance and receipt of invoices from your customers and suppliers, ensuring the digitization and security of your business processes.

Features and services

  • Invoices in structured format: you will have the possibility to issue invoices in structured formats, at least in E-INVOICE format, to facilitate automated processing.
  • Invoices unlimited: you will be able to issue and receive an unlimited number of invoices.
  • Unlimited clients: you will have the ability to send invoices to an unlimited number of clients.
  • Unlimited products or services: you can create an unlimited number of billable products and/or services within the catalog.
  • Sending and receiving invoices: the solution implemented by the Digitizing Agent of your choice will enable you to send and receive electronic invoices directly, at least by email.
  • Invoice customization: invoices will be customizable, including the selection of your logo.
  • Regular backup: you can make backup copies, with the possibility of a daily periodicity.
  • 1GB Storage/Invoice History: You will have at least 1GB of storage for invoices.
  • Integration with other solutions: The solution must have APIs or Web Services for its integration with other tools, as well as allowing manual data loading.
  • Invoice expiration control: you will have an invoice expiration control system.
  • Generation of an invoicing record: the The solution will allow you to generate a billing record, simultaneously or immediately prior to the issuance of each invoice.
  • Issuance of verifiable invoices: the solution must enable the issuance of invoices, both on paper and electronically, that can be verified with the Tax Agency by the buyer. 
  • In-person verification: the solution must allow in-person verification of the billing record by the competent authorities.
  • Responsive statement: the solution must have a responsible statement from the manufacturer or developer proving that the software complies with tax regulations in force.
  • Compliance: you can ensure compliance with the regulations applicable, specifically the Regulation that regulates the billing obligations of Royal Decree 1619/2012, the requirements of article 29.2.j) of Law 58/2003, of December 17, General Tax and its development regulations,  as well as any applicable regulations.